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What is Psychotherapy?

Thoughts/Behaviors/Emotions /Body


We are connecting with ourselves and others through our thoughts or belief systems. We show how we think via our behaviors or feelings or through the changes in our body. If I think that the world is a safe place to live, my feelings would be tranquility and peace and my behavior will be hard work to achieve what I plan to have. If I spend most of my time thinking about a plane crashes, or other air disasters may find myself avoiding air travel. If I think about myself that I am an awful person, or I’m fake, my feeling would be sadness and my behavior would be avoiding great opportunity in the path of success, tossing in bed and crying whenever I am thinking about my past. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is short form of psychotherapy which helps people to find the dysfunctional thoughts, and finally be their own therapists. 

You can ask for psychotherapy sessions for several difficulties you are facing in your life. There are always ways to get rid of your fears, worries, sufferings, crisis, depressions, problems in marriage and your love relationships. Psychotherapy is available for everyone including children, youth, men and women. 

Our Services:

We help people who are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Sleep problems, Parenting, Anger Management Skills, Self- Inventory Meet Up Sessions, Stress Relief, Building your Self -Confidence, Marriage and Family Building, Emotional Literacy

Zainab Abedininasab (RP)

Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario (CRPO)

MSc. in Clinical Psychology. General Member of OACCPP


Zainab Abedininasab has her Master's degree in clinical psychology and works as a registered psychotherapist in Ontario. Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy to help those people who are suffering from emotional distress such as depression, anxiety or anger issues. 

Zainab Abedininasab's counselling and psychotherapy office In Richmond Hill, Ontario provides online and face to face counselling and psychotherapy services for English and Farsi Speakers. Her therapeutic approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral Counseling (CBT) and Logotherapy(Meaning therapy). 

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